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Company Background

LingoCom is an Israeli-based start-up that was founded in 1998. LingoCom employs over 25 programmers, translators and marketing professionals.

LingoCom has patented technology that enables the immediate translation of software applications. LingoWare, which is LingoCom's flagship product, is being used by millions of users worldwide and has been adopted by AOL's ICQ and other popular software products as a localization solution. LingoWare makes the world's software accessible to non-English speaking communities and users, the world's fastest growing market. Non-English speakers use LingoWare to allow them to use software applications in their native language.

LingoCom offers software developers and distributors an advantageous solution for translating software applications, including menus, sub-menus, dialog boxes, and Windows messages, into different languages. The LingoWare Solution allows the software company to focus on development in English only, and requires practically no resources from programmers or technology personnel. LingoWare has no need to enter or change the code of the software application. The LingoWare Solution for application translation allows developers to enter markets previously closed to them, and allows distributors to offer software products previously unavailable.

LingoCom provides corporations an affordable solution to providing non-English speaking employees the most updated software for use in their language.

LingoCom offers a solution for non-English-speaking computer consumers, with both application-specific translations of popular programs, and an MT solution that will translate practically any Windows-based application.

Lingocom has already translated AOL's popular ICQ application into 13 languages. LingoCom has acquired millions of users world-wide, and with the imminent launch of LingoWare, many more are on their way!

LingoCom Executives

Shlomo Aran, founder and CTO, is a software engineer with over twenty years' programming and management experience.

Benny Rosenbaum, former Division Manager and VP Business Development of Magic Software, has recently joined the company as CEO.

Julian Dick, VP Operations. Previously ran his own business, and has over fifteen years' management experience. Has been with LingoCom since 1999.