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Tech Support / Troubleshooting

Following is a list of common problems and their solutions. If you are still experiencing problems after reviewing this page, please contact technical support and we will do all we can to try and resolve it.

Note: In order to view the list of common questions, you will need to scroll through the list of questions and the answers.

For problems with ICQ click here to submit.

For help with purchasing a LingoWare license or inserting your code, click here!

LingoWare translates from English into the other language only. It does not translate from or between any other language.

I have formatted my computer and now my code does not work?
If you have formatted your disk the code may not work even on the original computer. In this case please click here to release the code, which will allow you to enter it again on your computer.

What are the main features of LingoWare?
LingoWare can be divided into 5 main sections.
1)Translations of specific programs LingoWare provides translation files for many programs. When you open LingoWare you will be offered the opportunity to download translation files for any of these programs, if they have been installed on your computer. After downloading, the Icon of the program will be added to the LingoWare application bar.
2)Sharing of Translation Files
LingoCom users and program vendors have used their own initiative and have translated many programs. They have uploaded the translation files to the LingoCom server from where it is made available for other LingoWare users to use and evaluate (To download files from the server select Download dictionaries from the serverů from the Sharing menu). After downloading, the Icon of the program will be added to the LingoWare application bar.
3)Automatic Translation of programs
If you use a program that does not have either specific or shared translation files for it, LingoWare can translate it automatically. You simply have to add the program and run it from the LingoWare application and the main and sub menus will be translated.
4)The Translating Icon
LingoWare also includes the automatic Translating icon, (A round target icon) which is in your system tray. All you need to do is drag the translating icon and drop it on any text, email or web pages, and they will be automatically translated into your language.
5)The LingoWare Editor
LingoWare includes The LingoWare Editor, which allows you to translate programs on your own, or to modify existing translations. You can also improve the Translation-Engine" by uploading additions or corrections (words or phrases) you have made to the Global-Dictionary. These changes will be made available to other LingoWare users.
For more details, select Tutorial from the Editor menu.

How do I Add a Program to LingoWare so that it will be translated?

To add aprogram to Lingoware:
Simply drag the shortcut icon of the program you want translated, from your desktop, and drop it on the LingoWare application bar.
If there are translation files for the program, LingoWare will prompt you to download them. If not, you can search the server for translations that other LingoWare users may have made available.
To search for shared files:
  1. Select Download dictionaries from the serverů from the Sharing menu.
    A Download dialog opens.
  2. Select the program from the application list, or enter the name of program in the text box.
  3. Select the Sort by radio button of your choice.
  4. Click Get List.
    A list of available translation files is displayed according to your Sort by selection.
  5. Select the translation file of your choice.
  6. Click Get selected file.
    The files are downloaded and automatically installed.
    If there are no translation files available, LingoWare will translate the program automatically.

How much does LingoWare Cost? LingoWare is a shareware application. You can try it for free for a period of 14 days. After the trial period you can buy an annual license. The price of the license can be obtained through the purchase dialog, which is accessed through the Help menu in the application. Note: The ICQ application will always be translated, even if you do not purchase a license.

How do I Uninstall LingoWare?
To uninstall LingoWare:
  1. Click Start from the task bar.
  2. Select Programs.
  3. Select LingoWare.
  4. Select Uninstall.
    You will be prompted to confirm.

Sometimes it may happen that LingoWare is not removed from the start up menu. You may have to remove it manually.

To Remove LingoWare from the start up menu:
  1. Click Start from the task bar (Bottom left corner).
  2. Select Programs.
  3. Select Start-Up.
    A list of applications opens.
  4. Right- click on the LingoWare logo.
    A menu opens.
  5. Click Delete.
    You will be prompted to confirm.

To remove LingoWare from the ICQ Net Detect:
  1. Go into the ICQ folders.
  2. Double-click on the ND Edit.exe file.
    A dialog box opens.
  3. Select LingoWare.
  4. Click Remove.
  5. Click OK.

Your Windows operating system also creates entries in the windows registry that the LingoWare uninstall does not always remove. You may need to delete these entries manually.
To remove registry entries:
  1. Click Start from the task bar (Bottom left corner).
  2. Select Run.
    A dialog opens.
  3. Type regedit in the text box.
  4. Click OK.
    The Registry editor dialog opens.
  5. Click on the + to the left of HKEY_CURRENT_USER to expand the folder.
  6. Expand the Software folder.
  7. Right-click on LingoCom.
    A menu opens.
  8. Select Delete.
    You will be prompted to confirm.

I cannot See Fonts in my language. Everything is just gibberish?
In order for you to see fonts in your language, your computer's operating system must have full support for it. That is Windows Enabled for your language. If you have Windows 2000 you must define your language as the default language.

I have installed LingoWare but ICQ is not translated?
First make sure that ICQ is included in the LingoWare Application list and that LingoWare is enabled (the parrot icon in the system tray should be activated). Next, try to close both ICQ and LingoWare and re-run them, starting with LingoWare. Also, make sure you have selected the appropriate language from the Language window.

My Computer tries to dial into the internet by itself?
To stop your computer dialing up automatically when your LingoWare is open, you need to change your browser (Internet Explorer) options:
  1. Select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
    The Internet Options dialog box opens.
  2. Open the Connections Tab.
  3. Mark the Never dial a connection option.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Click OK.
I send the ICQ message in English but the recipient does not receive it in their language?
LingoWare translates the actual interface and the menus of the program you are using. With LingoWare alone, the message itself is not translated. If both you and the person you are communicating with have support for the particular language, the message can be sent and received in that language. The purchased version of LingoWare, has capabilities for translating the ICQ message and any other texts. It also provides capabilities for automatic translation of the interface of most windows based software.

I downloaded LingoWare and get a message "Unable to decompress" what does it mean?
It can happen that when you downloaded the files from our server, not all of them were received. Check if the size of the file you downloaded is the same as the size indicated on the download page. If not you will have to download again.
Another cause for this message could be connected to the setup or installation program. Rebooting your computer could solve this problem.

Cannot Download?
Due to an overwhelming response, our servers have not been able to stand up to the demand. We are continually upgrading our sites so as to make the download more efficient. If your download was not successful please try again and if you are still not successful try from another download site(See the download page
Make sure that your browser is on line. Interruptions to your connection could also affect your download.

How do I close LingoWare?
To Close LingoWare:
  1. Right-click on the parrot icon in your system tray. A menu opens.
  2. Select Exit.
  3. You will be prompted to confirm.
How do I install and use LingoWare with ICQ ?
Once the download of LingoWare has completed, the "exe" files will be saved to your hard disk. Locate these "exe" (installation) files and double click on the icon. This starts the installation procedure. Follow the instructions to complete the installation. The installation is very simple as it is described in your language. Read all the instructions and click next on each window till the end of the process. The installation will provide the path (place) as to where the program will be installed. (Normally "C:\Program Files\LingoCom\") If you want to place the program in another location (Place on directory), you can click change to specify the location. You will be prompted to confirm that this is the desired location.
The installation of the program asks for the name of the group of programs where to install the icons of LingoWare. You can change the name from the default if you wish. An Icon is placed in this folder. Checking the box on the final window will run LingoWare on completion. If the box is not checked you can run LingoWare at a later stage by double clicking on the LingoWare icon. The main LingoWare window will open with the ICQ logo incorporated in it. Double-click on the ICQ logo and the ICQ application will open with the interface and menus translated into your language. Both the ICQ flower and the LingoWare parrot will be placed in the system tray. You can keep the LingoWare application minimized (the icon in the tray) while ICQ is open. A single click on the LingoWare icon will change the translation of the ICQ back to English. Clicking the LingoWare icon again will translate the ICQ back into your language. A double-click on the LingoWare icon will open the LingoWare application.

How do I stop LingoWare Opening automatically on startup?
To stop LingoWare opening automatically do the following:
  1. Click Start from the task bar.
  2. Select Programs.
  3. Select StartUp.
    A list of applications opens.
  4. Right-click on the LingoWare logo.
    A menu opens.
  5. Click Delete. You will be prompted to confirm.
Problems with Registration?
When you download and install Lingoware you will be prompted to register.
Note: If at the time of registration our server is down or overloaded, you will be assigned a zero as your temporary user number.
At a later stage when you are on line and communication to the server is up, you will be assigned a new user number.